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    Brittany Hound is a very old breed. Once it was a very famous large-scale hound and the best wolfhound. Brittany hounds are very obedient and can understand the instructions given by their owners. At present, there are two categories of Brittany hounds, namely, Brittany light yellow Griffin and Brittany light yellow brown short legged dog. In fact, long before this time Brittany hounds had been completely divided into different types of French long haired retrievers.

    The earliest standard was set in 1907. Early standards required dogs to have short tails at birth in order to reduce the appearance of long tailed dogs during breeding. The black and white dog is not up to the standard. The standard requirement for a short, viviparous tail was soon discontinued.

    The breed was introduced to the United States in 1931. It was officially recognized by AKC in 1934. The original breed standard was directly translated from France, which is very difficult to understand. In 1942, Brittany Hound Club completed the new standard according to the original standard, and replaced the original standard with this clear and simple new standard.

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