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    Havanese is a small short legged dog with a long coat but not neat. It is called a happy dog full of feelings, not very lively. He is very friendly to children, very attached to the owner, is a natural companion dog.

    English Name: Havanese
    Boundary: Animal boundary
    Phylum: Chordate phylum
    Subphylum: Vertebrate subphylum
    Phylum: Lactifera Carnivora
    Suborder: Canine suborder
    Family: Canidae
    Genus: canis
    Species: Domestic dog, companion dog and playdog
    Subspecies: Havana dog
    Height: 20cm-28cm
    Weight: 3kg– 6 kg
    Body type: Small dogs
    Life span: 4-14 years
    Litter Quantity: 1 to 9
    Genetic diseases: No genetic diseases

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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