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    To adopt a dog, we need to carefully consider the way to raise the dog. Apart from purchasing by ourselves, adoption is also a very good way. In this way, we can not only spend a lot of money, but also choose the one we like from a large number of dogs, and solve the problem of stray dogs flooding. It can be said that there are many dogs in one fell swoop. However, adoption is not a rash thing.

    Before dog adoption, we should also consider whether we have the ability to keep them well. Do not return the dogs after only a few days, which is very harmful to them. We should know that not only people have self-esteem, dogs will be sad after being abandoned, especially the adopted dogs, if they are abandoned again, it is equivalent to causing secondary damage to them. It has been found that retired dogs may suffer from anorexia and low self-esteem. In fact, pets will also have psychological shadow due to being retired, so before adopting dogs, we must consider carefully, and do not adopt dogs on the spur of the moment without adequate preparation. It can be said that pets are often withdrawn, even after a year or two. In some private places, the rate of retirement is higher. And the reasons for their retirement are also strange, such as “dog hair falling”, “dog barking”, “dog biting” and “dog not getting close to me”. These are common reasons for their retirement, but some of them are too strange to be accepted. Some adopters give the reason that they can’t protect their dogs, so they are bullied by other stray cats. The other reason is that the dog is too noisy and the roommate disagrees. Many white-collar workers adopt their own dogs. After the adoption, two dogs fight for food. Finally, the adopted dogs are abandoned.

    There are also some dogs who have been released from breeding, resulting in low self-esteem and no longer accept new owners. Pets are adopted and returned. For some stray dogs, they are abandoned and hurt repeatedly. Even if the rescuers can understand the difficulties of the retirees, but the dogs can’t understand them, they will have a period of depression, light appetite, tears, heavy self abasement and depression, the possibility of being returned after one or two years of adoption is even worse. So before we adopt dogs, we have to think about some problems. Both the adopter and the rescue station have a lot of preparation to do.

    First of all, the adopter can’t adopt out of a sudden rise or a flood of love. Be careful to realize that there will be an additional member in the family. When selecting pets, we should know the characteristics, characters and natural habits of the adopted species to see if they can accept them. It takes more than ten years to raise a dog, so we need to do a good job of psychological preparation. In addition, economic conditions are also a key factor. Whether there are pregnant women in the family, will they suffer opposition from the family? These are all issues we need to consider.

    In addition, the rescue station should also inform the adopter of some matters in advance, such as the breed characteristics of the dog, what living habits it has, whether it falls hair, personality characteristics, whether it is aggressive, etc. There are also some dogs that are left with trauma, which needs to be explained to their adoptive owners. If you are really ready, and you have the ability to raise a dog, then it is a very meaningful thing to adopt a dog.

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