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    Alaskan sled dog is a large sled dog with a very long history of development. Every year, some countries hold dog sled competitions, and the main characters of sled pulling are Alaskan sled dogs. This kind of dog is strong and can adapt to the ice and snow life. Of course, the Alaskan sled dog has some advantages and disadvantages.

    First of all, although Alaskan sled dogs are large and strong, their gastrointestinal system is fragile because they live in the ice and snow all year round. In particular, Alaskan puppies are prone to vomiting and diarrhea. In serious cases, it is easy to infect acute gastritis, chronic gastritis, intestinal parasite infection, allergic enteritis and viral enteritis. Therefore, parents should put more energy into the pet dog’s care and diet to ensure that the dog does not get sick. Second, it has been studied carefully, comparing Alaskan sled dogs with other common pet dogs. The discipline of this large Alaska will be relatively poor, and life will be more free and lax.

    Sometimes, as soon as you open the door, the Alaskan sled dog will rush out of the door excitedly, and then run wild. No matter how you call it, it just can’t hear it. Therefore, during the breeding process, parents are also required to take better care of Alaska to avoid accidents. However, Alaskan sled dog has its own advantages. This kind of dog is independent and calm. Although it is large in size and looks cold and severe, its character is very friendly and friendly to the host. It can also play coquettish. Especially the young Alaskan sled dog, with clear and transparent eyes and small and ignorant appearance, is very lovable.

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