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    Send the dog to the beauty salon for bathing for the first time as much as possible. It’s not hard to say or easy to understand the relevant points. Generally, if the dog takes a bath for the first time, it’s recommended to send the dog to the pet beauty salon. After all, it’s the first time, so many bath points, as well as the order of bathing and related equipment are certainly not complete. In addition, in the process of bathing the dog, we can also ask for relevant precautions from the beauty salon staff. In the future, when bathing the dog, we can be more safe.

    Compared with taking a bath outside, self-care for dogs has obvious advantages and disadvantages:


    1. Since it is self-cleaning, there will be no foreign dogs in the toilet of our home, so we don’t need to worry about the dog’s infection caused by other dogs, and there is a certain guarantee for the dog’s safety.

    2. The towel is clean: in order to solve the cost problem, the beauty salon generally does not prepare the towel for the dog who comes to the beauty bath alone, so we do not know whether there are other dogs with skin diseases who have taken the bath. If the towel is not disinfected properly, it is easy to cross infection, which makes your dog also face the problem of skin disease.

    3. Bathing the dog is also an interaction between the owner and the dog. Bathing the dog for a long time can improve the relationship between the dog and the owner to a certain extent. 4. Because dogs are familiar with the environment at home, they may be more cooperative than they are outside. Some equipment for bathing in the West must be prepared.

    The disadvantages are also very obvious.

    1. First of all, if you don’t check the relevant information, most of the owners will help the dog to bathe according to their own hospital, so many precautions for bathing will be ignored. And many parts that need to be cleaned will be missed. For example, the anal gland is a place that many owners will miss.

    2. Uneven equipment is also a very obvious problem. Because we usually use ordinary small hair dryer, if we raise medium and large dogs, it will take a lot of time to dry the hair completely, and some owners will lose patience after blowing, so they only blow the hair to 8-9% dry, which greatly increases the probability of dogs suffering from skin diseases.

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