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    The cool shape of Doberman can definitely be the best choice for “handsome men and beautiful women”. When people have seen enough husky and golden hair, a Doberman is the guarantee of return rate and popularity rate. Before you decide to raise Doberman, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of dog. Following will make a brief introduction.
    Doberman was born in Germany. It is a super dog with the advantages of rowner, Manchester, boseron and greyhound. The early Doberman is very fierce. It protects people’s homes and property. Today’s Doberman dogs have already developed more perfectly and delicately, and become stable and independent without the ferocity of the early days. Now Doberman dogs are widely used in the military and police fields. They are still masters in fighting and guard dogs with high vigilance. However, they are more disciplined, obedient and loyal. They are also one of the pet dogs that people like. For this reason, they have won people’s appreciation and admiration. Doberman has its own advantages and disadvantages. It has a high IQ, ranking fifth in the dog IQ. Doberman is quick witted, responsive and has a very fast speed. Doberman has no taste in life, so it can be closer to family. Dobermans are large dogs. They need more sports and love sports. Dobermans with super vigilance are also excellent guard dogs.
    Of course, Doberman is not a perfect dog. It has its own shortcomings. For example, the Doberman dog has limited ability and is a little weak in fighting directly with the opponent. Doberman can adapt to the life of the city. Because of its short coat, it is more resistant to heat and cold. In addition, Doberman is not easy to get along with other dogs, and it is easy to suffer from bloating, hip dysplasia, heart and other problems, which requires parents to pay more attention and management when raising, to ensure the life and health of Doberman.

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