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    AKC full name-American Kennel Clu. It is one of the few first-class dog breeding institutions in the world today, consisting of hundreds of clubs in the United States. Founded in 1884, this organization now organizes about 13000 dog shows every year. The world famous Westminster Dog Show uses the competition rules formulated by AKC.
    In the regular dog show, the competition is divided into groups according to the purpose of the dog species. Because every kind of dog is serving and contributing to human beings, people will divide dogs of different purposes into different groups to compete in the traditional dog show. That’s why we see groups at the dog show.
    AKC was divided into 7 dog groups: Sports Group, hound group, working group, Terrier group, toy group, non sports group and herding group Group) in a broad sense, sports dog group, hunting dog group, shepherd dog group, etc. are all working dogs, but the requirements of competition differentiation are more strict. Among these categories, working dog group is the dog group that has made the greatest contribution to human beings at present. Generally, large dogs need to help human beings complete various “impossible tasks”, such as guard, sled pulling, blind guide, anti drug, search and rescue, etc. So in this classification, most species are born after long-term human breeding. Although the IQ of working dogs is very high, because of their large size, they must be well trained, otherwise it is difficult to control. So they are more suitable for experienced owner.

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