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    Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the life of pet dog, and it has more and more quality. If you want your dog to live a long life, it’s very important to exercise properly, regularly and quantitatively. Following will tell you some benefits of letting your dog exercise.

    In terms of the long-term cumulative state, there is an absolute direct relationship between the dog’s physical health and the amount of exercise. Especially after the age of eight, the physical function and cardiopulmonary function of dogs will be more obvious if there is any disease, so exercise is more important. So if the pet can maintain a long-term fixed activity condition and degree, it can not only activate the whole body’s muscles, ligaments, joints and bones, but also stimulate the blood circulation of the digestive tract, and maintain the normal and stable operation of the digestive tract.

    Pets with abundant activity will have a better eating condition, but those with insufficient exercise will generally have a poor appetite. Of course, if the greedy dog has too little exercise, it is likely to cause obesity. If the amount of exercise of the pet dog is enough, it will not show restlessness at home, especially after playing tired, it will go to bed on its own, and will not be noisy all the time; but if the amount of exercise is insufficient, it may circle or make noise at home and so on.

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