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    Although it’s no surprise that dogs often lie on the floor, some people still can’t understand the behavior of dogs lying on the floor. In fact, some behavior habits of dogs are quite different from that of humans. After all, are they animals! So we can’t use human life habits to question dogs. We should think about problems from the perspective of dogs. Maybe it’s because dogs have health problems, or because dogs are too tired, and so on. So what are the specific reasons for dogs lying on the floor?

    1. The dog is too tired. Sometimes it may be because the dog is tired of playing. The dog just lies on his stomach and rests peacefully. Sometimes it may also be because the dog has made a day’s journey and is exhausted to sleep at home. When the dog is lying on the ground because of fatigue, the owner needs to pay attention to the dog’s health status to avoid the dog’s cold due to lying on the ground.

    2. Pooches may be sick. In fact, when dogs are sick and uncomfortable, they will also lie on the ground quietly and are unwilling to move. To judge whether the dog is lying on the ground due to disease or normal condition, you can judge from the dog’s physical condition. For example, when the dog is lying on his stomach, his expression is unnatural, or if there are some obvious symptoms, he may be suffering from diseases, such as frequent coughing or tears, or even body shaking, which means that the dog’s body is defective, so he should take the dog to the pet hospital for examination.

    3. The weather is hot. In the hot summer, dogs always like the cool and comfortable floor. Although there is no sweat gland on the dog, it can also make the dog feel more comfortable to touch the cold floor with his stomach. So in the hot summer, parents must pay attention to the dog’s living environment.

    4. Dog habits. When dogs like to lie on the floor in any season, it may be the habit of dogs. They feel comfortable sleeping. If it’s winter, the dog will lie in a warmer and more comfortable place at this time. So in winter, parents can prepare a warm and thick sleeping mat for the pet dog, and then let the pet dog lie down and enjoy a good life. The reason why dogs like to lie down is closely related to their body structure and living habits.

    5. For other reasons. Many dogs lie on the ground when they are sleeping and resting. Sometimes, dogs lie on the ground because they are calm at present, or they lie quietly beside their owners. Although they lie on the ground all the time, they can feel that dogs are very stable and happy. Some dogs will lie on the floor when they are angry with their owners, and even make angry expressions, which are very cute. But for the sake of safety, no matter what causes the dog to lie on the floor, as long as you see it, you must put a mat under the dog’s belly in time to avoid cold.

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