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    From the overall appearance of the dog, we can roughly judge whether the dog is healthy or not. Healthy dogs have good spirit, standard weight, bright coat, steady pace and other basic conditions, while unhealthy dogs have the opposite. At this time, parents will ask all kinds of questions. Our dogs eat well and use even better. Every day’s diet is based on the nutrition required by the dog’s body. Why not eat fat or healthy? So what are the reasons why dogs don’t eat fat?

    1. Not enough to eat. This is one of the most well-known reasons why dogs are not fat. Naturally, dogs do not have enough nutrition to make them grow meat, but dogs can not make them eat too much, so how should we control their diet? When we buy dog food, there is a daily recommended amount behind the packaging, as long as the daily recommended amount is divided into Two or three meals for the dog. In this case, dogs will naturally gain weight if they eat too much.

    2. The dog will have a monkey face in four or five months. At this time, the dog’s hair will become sparse and shed. This is what we call the awkward period. When the dog is in an awkward period, some dogs will not eat well, or even have the problem of being picky about food, so the dog will not be fat at this time. There is no need to worry about the awkward period, as long as the prevention of dog picky food on the line, or as usual to feed it, after this short period of time will be normal.

    3. Internal parasite. Generally, dogs need to be treated for the first time when they are more than 20 days old, then once a month within six months, and once every three months after six months. There are worms in dogs that cause them to eat a lot but not absorb nutrients. Dogs can’t absorb nutrients, so they can’t gain weight by eating more or less. In this case, as long as a pet worship can give the dog the problem of insect repellent solved.

    4. Gastrointestinal absorption problem. Gastrointestinal problem is the most troublesome and depressing place for many parents. They eat a lot every meal, and they eat well. They should be nutritious by reason. They also repel the dog on time every month, but the dog is not fat. In this case, we should know that it is gastrointestinal problems. If the dog’s intestines and stomach are bad and can’t be absorbed, it’s useless for the dog to eat as much as he likes. The intestines and stomach that can’t be absorbed can only be a pipe. He’s only responsible for transportation but not for digestion and absorption. Do you think the dog can gain weight as much as he eats? Digestive or absorption problems: diseases such as intestines and stomach, liver, pancreas, etc., leading to diarrhea or constipation Phenomenon: abnormal digestive enzymes that decompose food and nutrients that can’t be absorbed are the reasons why dogs are too thin.

    5. The barrier of nutrient utilization. Even if nutrients can be fully absorbed, but due to the reduction of liver function, nutrients cannot be assimilated, which will also cause dogs to be too thin.

    6. Hypermetabolism. When virus infection or chronic disease causes intense physical consumption, or pregnancy, and after childbirth, when many puppies need to be fed, the metabolism in the body is more hypermetabolism than usual, which will consume more calories than usual. If not given enough nutrition, it will also become the cause of dog’s over thinness.

    Tips: In the daily diet, a proper amount of probiotics for dogs can help regulate the intestinal flora, help the gastrointestinal digestion and absorption of nutrients, and of course, also have an appetizing effect! If all the above are done in place, there will be no problem of how to eat and how not to be fat!

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