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    We all know that cats are very sleepy animals. Have you found that your dogs are also very sleepy? And there’s no less time to sleep than a cat. Dogs don’t have a fixed sleep time. They can sleep 24 hours a day. They can sleep when they have a chance. But the more concentrated sleep time is around noon and 23 o’clock in the morning, and the sleep time of each day is different.

    When a dog sleeps, he always likes to hide his mouth under his legs. This is because his nose is the most sensitive and fragile, so he should be well protected. At the same time, the nose can always be alert to the surrounding situation, so as to react at any time. The dog is generally in a light sleep state. It can wake up with a little movement, but it also has a deep sleep. It is not easy for a dog to wake up after sleeping. Sometimes, he talks in his sleep, such as barking and moaning, accompanied by twitching of his limbs and shaking of his head and ears. When sleeping shallowly, the dog is in a prone position, with its head between two front paws, often with one ear close to the ground. Deep sleep often lies on one side, the whole body unfolds, looks very sweet.

    Dogs also get up angry. When they sleep, they are not easily awakened by acquaintances and owners, but they are still sensitive to strange sounds. When a dog wakes up from sleep, it often shows a bad mood. It is very dissatisfied with the person who wakes it up. The dog that just wakes up is dim, sometimes even the owner can’t recognize it. So its dissatisfaction will vent to its master sometimes, such as barking at you. If the dog doesn’t get enough sleep, the ability to work will obviously decline, and there are many mistakes.

    Similarly, lack of sleep can also make dogs moody. The dog who is short of sleep will lie on the ground as soon as he has a chance. He does not want to stand up. He often yawns. His eyes are absent-minded and his spirit is lax.

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