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    Many dog owners may think that the dog cage is a constraint for the dog, and it is not good for the dog to keep the dog in the cage all the time. In fact, this is not entirely true. Dog cages are good for dogs, and dogs do not like dog cages so much.
    The dog is a cave animal. The place they like doesn’t need to be too big. Just be quiet and not too bright, so try to cover the surrounding of his cage with a breathable and light blocking cloth to create a safe feeling for him. The advantage of cage is not only to protect the dog, but also to prevent the dog from defecating at home. If it is solved in the cage, you can clean it more easily, and at the same time, it can cultivate the quiet character of the dog alone. The cage should be the dog’s nest. When he needs to be alone, he knows where to find a safe place for himself.
    Purchase suggestion: dog cage with dog toilet, small and medium dog cage, dog kennel, Teddy dog cage can put the dog back into the cage when the guests don’t like or are afraid of the dog come to the house, so as to give the dog and the guests a peaceful environment. Because the dog can feel the tension of the guests, which causes the dog’s tension and excitement. If the guest brings children who are afraid of dogs, it also reassures the guest. When the owner is not at home, it can also ensure the health and safety of the dog, but also do not keep the dog in the cage for a long time. If there are people in the family, they should be released and interact with you more, so as not to cause the dog’s loneliness and depression.

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