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    It’s very comfortable for dogs to bask in the sun in winter. It’s the same for dogs. It’s not only good for dogs to bask in the sun in winter, but also good for dogs to bask in the sun in other seasons.

    First, let’s talk about some common medical knowledge we all know: first, vitamin A plays an important role in maintaining the vision at night and the integrity of epithelial cells, which can prevent the night blindness caused by vitamin A deficiency; second, vitamin D helps the absorption of calcium and promotes the function of bone calcification. And these two points have a great relationship with the sun.

    Studies have shown that taking a dog to the sun is very good for his health. Warm sunshine can promote the dog’s blood circulation and metabolism. In addition, the normal dog skin contains a kind of 7-dehydrocholesterol, which can also be converted into vitamin D3 under ultraviolet irradiation, and can better promote the absorption of calcium nutrition by dog bones, so as to better prevent the dog from rickets and other bone diseases, and ensure the health of the pet.

    In addition to the above benefits, there is also a benefit for dogs to bask in the sun. We know that the ultraviolet light in the sun has a bactericidal effect, so people are accustomed to using this natural gift to carry out daily sterilization (sun drying quilt, etc.). For pet dogs, ultraviolet light in the sun can also better kill some virus and bacteria on them, so as to better ensure the health of pet dogs.

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