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    When observing carefully, parents sometimes find that their dog’s legs will tremble, accompanied by the symptoms of leg weakness. It looks like an involuntary tremble, which makes parents especially afraid. What serious diseases do they have in this case? What are the causes? Analyze the cause of dog leg shaking:

    1. Weather reason: When the weather is cold, if the floor is relatively cold, the dog lies on the ground or sleeps on the ground for a long time, the legs will shake or the legs will be soft. It should be caused by the long-time contact with the cold ground, which is a normal physiological phenomenon. After this situation, the parents must not If you want to lay your dog on the ground and put a mat on it to keep warm, it will slow down the situation. In addition, parents should pay attention to long-term damage to the dog’s joints, and keep the dog warm.

    2. Lack of calcium: The development and growth of bone need enough calcium nutrition, once lack of calcium, the development and growth of bone will be affected. If calcium deficiency reaches a certain level, dogs may suffer from serious bone disease. The growth of bones will become deformed, and the dog with poor bone development will often shiver.

    3. Joint problems: Dogs with joint problems will also have arthritis. Arthritis is a relatively easy disease for dogs. Some dogs are born with joint diseases, sometimes it is caused by the day after tomorrow, especially dogs born with joint problems. You can do some maintenance for dogs’ joints at ordinary times.

    If the dog’s hind leg is injured, it will also cause the hind leg and body shaking. In daily life, dog injuries often occur. Especially in outdoor sports, dogs may fall and break. In this case, the dog’s hind legs will also shake.

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