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    Scientists completed the sequencing of dog genome in 2003. Experts found that of the more than 24000 human genes identified, at least 18000 are the same as those of dogs. From an evolutionary point of view, humans and dogs had a common ancestor, and the similarity between human and dog genomes was greater than that between human and mouse genomes, the researchers said. It is worth mentioning that 30% – 50% of people’s character and behavior characteristics depend on genetic genes.

    Scientists believe that the formation of dog’s character is similar to that of human beings. The formation of dog’s character is related to heredity and the influence of surrounding living environment, among which heredity is the main factor. All life activities of animals are controlled by brain nerves. The basic activity process of brain nerves is expressed in two ways: excitation and inhibition. The strength, balance and flexibility of the two ways determine the different “characters” of dogs.

    In addition to the genetic factors, the dog’s character will change with the changes of the owner’s character, the owner’s family members, the growing environment, the feeding methods and other factors. If a timid pup is raised in a quiet family, it will gradually get used to an undisturbed environment. As it grows up, it will become more and more timid. As long as it meets a stranger, it will show a state of eagerness to escape or bark more.

    It is also a timid puppy. If the owner is enthusiastic and outgoing, he will often take him to the noisy crowd. He will gradually get used to it and gradually change his timid character. In the same way, when a dog is young and lively, if it meets a silent owner and grows up in a quiet environment, it will bark constantly because it is excessively bored, or touch constantly because it is fidgety, which makes the owner feel bored, so it will often be scolded. For a long time, no matter how good tempered the dog was, when it grows up, its character will only become more and more Bad. In other words, what kind of character a dog develops is partly determined by its owner.

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