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    Scottish shepherd character, in today’s life, more and more people have dogs, Teddy, golden retriever, husky these are more popular pet dogs. In pet selection, in addition to the dog’s appearance, the most important thing is the dog’s character. Scottish shepherd, It has noble temperament, beautiful appearance and outstanding intelligence.

    Scottish shepherd are cheerful, friendly, love close relatives. Moreover, the Scottish shepherd dog is very spiritual. It can feel the joy, anger, sorrow and joy of the owner. Its obedience and loyalty to the owner is the biggest performance of the Scottish shepherd dog’s character.

    Scottish shepherd Character:
    1. Gentle and gentle is the biggest characteristic of the Scottish shepherd dog’s character. They have deep feelings for the pet owner and are loyal to their own owner People like to play with their owners very much, which is why many families choose to keep Scottish shepherds.
    2. In the dog intelligence ranking, Scottish shepherd dog ranks 16th. Not like Labrador, but also a very smart dog. And the Scotch sheepdog will watch. If the host is not happy or sad, he will stay by your side and accompany you to be sad. If the host is in a good mood, he will play a coquette and let you take her out to play. This is also a characteristic of the Scottish shepherd’s character.
    3. The non aggressive Scottish shepherd dog is a kind of dog which is very soft and almost non aggressive, and will not cause harm to the family. Because of this, this kind of dog is also very suitable as a family dog to accompany the elderly and children.
    4. The high vigilance Scottish shepherd dog has a strong vigilance. For example, when a stranger comes to your home, he will look at you with great vigilance. If you are sure that you have no malice, he will take the initiative to show his kindness. If you think the person is not good, he will bark loudly and even attack you.

    As a pet dog, Scottish shepherd dog has many advantages. But there is also a bad place, that is, hair shedding, especially during the hair changing period, the dog hair flies everywhere in the home. If you are allergic to dog hair, you’d better not choose it.

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