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    More and more owners pay attention to the health of dogs, so pet health products have become a common item in many pet families. Dog lecithin is a common pet health care product, but also a relatively early pet health care product. Why do we advocate to give dogs lecithin? What is the role of dog lecithin?
    The main benefit of dog lecithin to hair is to supplement the nutrients in the hair, so that it can meet the growth needs of the hair itself, so that the hair can recover its own characteristics. That is, shiny, smooth, and brightly colored. Dog lecithin contains inositol phospholipid, which is the basic substance of hair growth, can promote the growth of healthy hair and prevent hair loss; when taking inositol, it must be taken together with choline and other B vitamins. However, phosphatidylcholine also contains choline. These substances work together to keep hair growing normally. In feed production, inositol should be added to feed for fish and aquatic animals, rare birds, fur animals, ornamental cats, dogs and other rare animals. In addition, inositol can also convert fat into heat energy and consume it. Therefore, the animal that often uses lecithin will reduce its fat content and get the effect of body shaping.

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