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    Although dog is a good companion of human beings, but dog attacks are also common. What is the reason for some domestic pet dogs to attack? Following analyzes the causes of several common dogs attacking humans.

    1. Dog protection territory. This attack is generally persistent, and it can only be ended when the intruder is driven out of the territory, so the damage caused is relatively large. Due to the fact that normal people seldom break into dog territory at will, generally no more than 10%, mainly in the suburbs. This kind of dog is big and aggressive. For example, Doberman, Rottweiler, German shepherd, etc.

    2. Protect the owner’s safety. We may be mistaken for attacking the person the dog wants to protect. At this time, the dog in order to protect their owners from infringement, so to attack the person who is attacking their owners.

    3. Fear and fear of people. Dogs are mainly used. Generally speaking, the attack in fear is not persistent. The attack is for better retreat, so the attack will run away immediately after two bites. Stray dogs have been bullied for a long time, and this kind of biting is more, accounting for about 90% of the dogs.

    4. Too excited and excited. Some dogs are born with “people come crazy” and are fond of form and color, so when they are particularly excited and excited, they will have uncontrolled behaviors. This is also the so-called overplay, too high caused by the unfortunate accident.

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