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    Many dogs are the king of destruction at home. They like to chew and bite at random. Toys can be “dismembered” in a few minutes. So what is the reason why dogs become king of destruction? Following will analyze the reason for you.

    1. When the dog enters the estrus stage: It is easy for the dog to show abnormal behavior towards the things around him, for example: Barking without reason and Howling long, or even the dog in a more serious and sensitive situation will start to have different degrees of doubts about the people and things around him. When the dog is suspicious about the people and things around him, then because To protect yourself, there will be some warning attacks, which is a normal response.

    2. In the period of tooth change: If the dog is in the period of tooth change, the owner can help the dog to prepare some articles or food that can grind teeth. Of course, the safety and health of these articles and food should be the priority.

    3. Attract the owner’s attention: If the dog feels lonely, it will also bite at random in order to attract the owner’s or other people’s attention. When there is no one to play or talk with them, they will feel bored or flustered, so they use one of the most stupid but direct methods to attract concern and attention.

    4. The more worrying situation with rabies is rabies. Because the main symptoms of rabies include high irritability to gnaw, panic and do not want to let people near, wolf howl, pan green look, fear of water scenery and other natural substances, and slowly there will be larynx muscle spasm and other conditions. Dogs will eventually die of respiratory and circulatory deterioration. The owner must pay special attention.

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