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    Dogs are actually very lively and active. Many dogs will be very excited when they know they want to go out to play, but if your dog is not interested in sports, the owner needs to pay attention to it. Following will analyze several reasons why the dog refuses to exercise for you.

    We know that dogs, like people, will gain weight if they eat too much and don’t exercise. Dogs need to exercise to consume the calories and fat they eat every day. If the dog doesn’t like sports, likes to hide at home and lie in the dog’s Kennel, and is lazy to move, it will inevitably lead to the accumulation of heat and mass in the body, making the dog fatter and fatter. Exercise is necessary for a dog to have a perfect figure.

    However, dogs do not like sports may also be due to emotional, weather, environment, heavy physical exercise and other factors. The dog’s mood changes will also affect his mind. Just like people, he is reluctant to move when he is depressed. And when the weather is sultry or extremely cold, the dog will only want to rest quietly rather than exercise. Of course, if the dog is already very fat, it will be hard to exercise, so the dog is not willing to exercise.

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