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    Dogs always like to scratch the floor with their fingernails and make a gesture like digging. Many owners can’t figure out what the reason is. There are also many dogs who do this kind of action on the sofa and bed. The owner may think this action is very cute, but he can’t understand exactly why the dog does this. Following will tell you why.

    When many dogs are ready to rest, they will start to do something like digging holes, but this is actually a normal behavior of dogs, just like building a nest, to dig a block where they can rest at ease. If the owner does not want the dog to grind the ground at home, and this normal behavior causes trouble, it is recommended to give the dog a place to rest, such as a cage or a mat; when the dog digs and grabs these places, go to communicate with the dog gently to make the dog understand that it is allowed to do this behavior.

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