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    Red-winged Parrot, as the name implies, the wings of the parrot are red, in sharp contrast with the color of the body. The red-winged parrot is one of the parrots protected by law in Australia except Queensland, and it is also a common species in the local area, with more than 100,000 in the world.

    Morphological Characteristics of Red-winged Parrot

    According to different subspecies, the body length of red-winged parrots is about 30-33 cm. The ideal weight of adulthood should be between 120-210 grams. The good life of rearing can reach about 40 years. It is a very beautiful Australian parakeet. .

    In addition to its native Australia, the red-winged parrot is a very rare species in the international bird breeding industry. It is a very beautiful Australian parakeet. The male and female can be easily distinguished by appearance. The red feathers and back of the male bird’s wings The whole piece of black is very obvious, the female bird’s wings have only a small part of red feathers, and there are no black feathers on the back. The green coat of the female bird and the blue coat of the waist are relatively light. The iris is red-orange, and the female bird is brown. There are 2 subspecies of red-winged parrots, and there are various yellow and cinnamon varieties in Europe.

    Living Environment of Red-winged Parrot

    Red-winged parrots like to live in areas with mild climates because they cannot tolerate cold weather. Quiet and peaceful, they like to live in trees. Therefore, the ideal cage should have enough perches for their activities.

    Red-winged parrots like to inhabit in the open Yujiali woods, bushes, open savanna and other adjacent water areas, most of which are tropical or mild climate areas.

    It is ideal to provide a spacious floor-standing flying aviary. Male birds are sometimes aggressive or aggressive towards female birds. If this situation persists or becomes severe, they must be separated for a while.

    Breeding Knowledge of Red-winged Parrot

    Red-winged parrots are typical omnivorous birds. Their food can contain various mixed seeds, vegetables, fruits, grains, etc. Red-winged parrots usually start nesting in April and May each year, and the breeding method is oviparous. About 3-6 eggs are laid at a time, and the female bird hatches eggs alone for about 20 days. During the incubation period, the male bird feeds until the young bird hatches.

    Breeding in pairs will have the best results. Male birds take longer to mature than female birds (male birds need 2-3 years, female birds need 1-1 and a half years), and live insects such as breadworms can be fed during the breeding period to add animality Protein. The breeding season varies from place to place. When courting, the male bird will fly around the female bird for the attention of the female bird, whisper softly, and then stop next to the female bird, lower his wings to reveal the blue waist and walk towards the female bird slowly; The incubation period is about 3 weeks, and the young birds will stay in the nest for 6 weeks. When they are about 35-40 days old, their feathers will grow. It is advisable to overfeed as it is easy to cause obesity.

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