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    Have you ever carefully observed the dog’s paw pad? Dogs without socks and shoes are very easy to get hurt when they go out, so it’s also a foot care for dogs to check their meat and claws regularly.

    1. Park Grass activities. Dogs often go to messy grass or hot Street activities, as long as they pass the park or any place with soft soil Start digging.

    2. There are strange red spots on the paws. The dog licks the paws more and more frequently. The paws show abnormal depilation, swelling, festering.

    3. The dog has obvious limp. Which often happens after the dog runs violently on the stone road or asphalt road. The damage caused by heat and friction to the foot pad is also serious Walking out on a hot, hard ground after exposure to the sun can also cause blisters.

    The outdoor environment is dirty. Sometimes there are sticky things between the toes of dogs after going out, which accumulate between the toes or turn red. It is necessary to choose some proper nursing methods to prevent the dirt from gathering on the mat.

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