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    At first, congratuation to get a little cute puppy. Then you should realize one question that your job is not only to feed and play with this little cute puppy, but also to raise it into a well-mannered, trained and properly socialized adult dog. First thing you need to remember is to set some boundaries that you only allow them to do at their puppy times. And also teaching basic skills and focusing on crate training will be crucial to start from the beginning. Once finishing vaccine series for your puppy, be sure to expose them to a variety social environment of different people, other dogs or noises. So it can learn some useful skill and basic trainings. Besides, taking your puppy visit the vet intermittently every four months of life. Taking some examination such as vaccinations, weight checks or some basic body checking and taking preventative medications. In addition, know something about neutering and balanced proper nutrition for your little puppy.

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