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    Being bitten or scratched carelessly by dogs and cats at home, many people think it’s not important to have minor injuries, and they don’t care. It is reminded that after being injured by dogs and cats, we suggest that we take it seriously, or it may bring you unexpected harm.

    There are dogs and cats at home, sometimes when playing with it or discipline it, it is inevitable to be bitten or scratched. Sometimes I feel that the wound is not very serious, so I don’t pay attention to it, which leads to inflammation and infection of the wound, and even some serious or fatal diseases, such as rabies. Therefore, after being scratched or bitten by dogs and cats, the pet net reminds us that we must not take it lightly and deal with it immediately.

    If you are bitten by a dog, immediately wash the dog’s saliva with soap and a large amount of clear water, and then carefully disinfect the wound and its surroundings with hydrogen peroxide or iodine wine. If the dog is at home and has regular vaccination every year, just pay attention to smear the wound. If it is a dog outside or without preventive measures, the injured person must be sent to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment, and be vaccinated against rabies. At the same time, the dog that bites must be isolated for observation, and be examined for rabies. Generally speaking, cats seldom bite people, so they are more likely to be scratched by cats. If caught by a cat, do not neglect the small scratches. First wash them with soap and water, and then carefully disinfect them with hydrogen peroxide and iodine wine. In case of being bitten by a cat, especially by a stray cat outside, because the cat may also carry rabies virus, the treatment method is the same as that of being bitten by a dog.

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