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    Four months later, husky should be weaned! At this time, he has passed the lactation period, which is also the best time for the owner to feed. So how should we feed him?
    Following are the feeding points of four months Husky Puppies. The 4-month-old husky has passed the lactation period and is generally weaned. Husky pups are very important to Husky Puppies from 4 months to 8 months. Because this period of time is Husky’s rapid growth period, dog owners should meet the dog’s various nutritional needs, and don’t let their little husky lose in the starting line. At the age of April, Husky Puppies can be fed some dry dog food and rice. For example, cooked meat, fish, vegetables and broth can be added to special food, and can be mixed with steamed rice and pasta. Add a little calcium powder and vitamin A and D solution to the food, and a little salt and sugar can be added, but don’t forget too much.
    The amount of food varies with the type of dog and the size of the body. If there are several Husky Puppies, it’s impossible to give the same amount. Pay attention to different treatment. Generally, the amount of food given for each meal is the size of the dog’s head, which can be fed twice a day in the morning and evening. The owner must control it well.

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