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    Reasonable control of the intake of nutrients is the main way for dogs to obtain nutrition. Different nutrients play different roles, so whether the main elements or the trace elements with less demand are indispensable. We should know how to supplement these nutrients and how the lack will affect dogs.
    1. What’s the effect of excessive carbohydrates on dogs? They are generally used to provide energy, so they won’t have much effect. The main sources of carbohydrates are vegetables, fruits, sugar, bread and rice. Corn and soybeans are the source of carbohydrate in pet food, which are used to provide energy and special texture of dry food.
    2. What is the effect of excessive minerals on dogs? It may cause abnormal bone development in dogs, mainly from grains, vegetables and meat. Lack of minerals will make the dog’s fur condition worse, and it will also lead to the problems of poor development and low reproductive capacity.
    3. The harm of excessive fat intake. Fat mainly comes from meat, milk, soybeans and other foods, which can help the formation of canine cell membrane, is also the concentrated energy, and can protect the internal organs and increase the palatability of food. However, excessive intake is likely to cause obesity in dogs and increase the risk of diabetes. But the lack of it will affect the dog’s fur and growth.
    4. What is the effect of excessive intake of protein? The general effect is not great, but it should be arranged reasonably. Protein mainly comes from meat, beans and other foods. It is mainly to help the body grow, repair, participate in metabolism and provide energy. Lack of immunity will make dogs low, but also poor development.
    5. The harm of excessive vitamins is from grains, vegetables and meat. A little excessive vitamins will not cause much impact. If lacking, it will lead to scurvy, poor development and other problems.
    6. Whether it is necessary to change food for dogs from time to time?You can change different food for dogs in a period of time, but the frequency should not be too high. At ordinary times, you can also properly feed some other beneficial food, just occasionally, not too often.

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