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    The Silver Fox Rabbit is a standard leather rabbit breed. Although the Silver Fox Rabbit’s hair is not very long, it is very soft and beautiful. However, the Silver Fox Rabbit has weak adaptability, so it has not been widely promoted. Rearing.

    Morphological Characteristics of Silver Fox Rabbit

    The coat length of the Silver Fox Rabbit is moderate, the coat is bright, the head is large, the ears are wide and erect, the body is wide, and the appearance is very attractive. It is a relatively good breed of fur rabbits, but some people raise them as pet rabbits.

    The Silver Fox Rabbit has a long body, a medium head and face, a stubby neck, well-developed forelimbs and hindquarters, and a strong physique. The basic coat color of the Silver Fox Rabbit is dark brown, mixed with silver gray hair, and the coat is soft and dense. The appearance is very similar to the silver fox. The fur is beautiful and can be used directly without dyeing. The coat of the newborn Silver Fox Rabbit is completely black, and then gradually turns dark blue. After the first hair removal, silver-gray hair gradually appeared from the center of the buttocks, and then spread all over the body.

    There are 7 strains of Silver Fox Rabbit: steel gray, black, blue, white and light brown. Steel gray is more common in the United States, and the size is slightly smaller than other European strains. Adult female rabbits weigh an average of 5.9 kg and male rabbits 5.4 kg. Large breeds weigh up to 9 kg, British white breeds have red eyes, large heads and ears, and thick and shiny coats. The black eye is also black. The Silver Fox Rabbit has almost an impact on the breeding process of many large rabbits. The disadvantage is that it has low reproduction and late maturity.

    Main Points of Feeding Silver Fox Rabbit

    The food that the Silver Fox Rabbit eats is very single, how can it get the corresponding nutrition in a single food? In fact, as long as the feeding method is proper, the silver fox rabbit can absorb nutrients from plants and ensure its own health.

    Food choices of Silver Fox Rabbit

    1. Feed: It is rich in minerals and trace elements, and needs to contain a high amount of crude fiber to promote intestinal peristalsis, help digestion and prevent hairballs. The fat should be low to prevent excessive obesity in Silver Fox Rabbit.

    2. Hay: It is rich in high fiber and helps the Silver Fox Rabbit to excrete normally, and the nutrients are even.

    3. Drinking water: Silver Fox Rabbits also need to drink water, but the urination of silver fox rabbits is concentrated urination (similar to human urination at night), so it needs less water than other animals, but it is not not to avoid drinking water. When buying silver fox rabbits, some merchants will deliberately prevent the silver fox rabbits from drinking water. The silver fox rabbits don’t eat food because they don’t have water. They grow slowly and form mini rabbits, but such silver fox rabbits are malnourished. After you buy it and give it to the Silver Fox Rabbit, you will die from drinking it well. So some people think that Silver Fox Rabbit should limit drinking water.

    Feeding method: Silver Fox Rabbit are herbivorous animals with roughly the same food content, but the feeding method is slightly different. Because the silver fox rabbit has no habit of storing things, it needs to be fed twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Because of the nocturnal animals, the feeding in the evening should be more frequent this time. The diet of silver fox rabbits may change with the weather, reducing due to hot weather and increasing cold. This is a normal phenomenon, so more observation.

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