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    The so-called unpredictable weather, who knows what will happen next second, and it’s good for us to have a skill of self-defense. It’s hard for us to ensure that our dogs won’t have any special situation, so some basic emergency knowledge of dogs is very necessary for us to master, so as to avoid that when an accident happens, we will be at a loss and let them lose their lives Hope.

    1. Bleeding: before the animal is diagnosed by the veterinarian, the most important way to stop bleeding or reduce the amount of bleeding is to press. There are several ways to apply pressure, depending on the situation. You can apply pressure directly on the wound with your fingers or cotton pads, or at the pressure point of the nearest wound. You can also apply pressure after wrapping the wound with bandages or using tourniquets. If the situation permits, raising the wound can also help stop bleeding.

    2. Cutting: thoroughly clean the wound, Check for grit or glass debris and seek veterinary assistance.

    3. Convulsion: observe the animal carefully, and don’t try to prevent the animal from biting its own tongue. If the windpipe of an animal is blocked by something, do not reach into the mouth of the animal when it is conscious. Inspect the surrounding environment, be aware of the danger of animals, and contact the veterinarian for assistance.

    4. In case of drowning: lift up the animal and put its head down, so that part of the water in the trachea may flow out.

    5. Poisoning: keep away from poisons to prevent further poisoning. Be careful not to accidentally contact poisons. Pack some poison samples, Take the dog and poison samples to the veterinary clinic together. When the dog encounters a problem, w e can’t be at a loss because of panic, and proper treatment can better save their lives. Therefore, the basic first aid knowledge for the dog is particularly important. If we know more, we will give them a hope of survival.

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