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    As a pet dog, it needs careful care of its owner from birth to ensure its healthy growth. In life, the owner needs to do beauty care for the dog regularly to ensure the dog is clean. Taking a bath often can prevent the dog from jumping or other diseases. Deodorize and promote skin metabolism.

    Generally for breed dogs, wash once a week or so. Before washing, cotton can be used to block up the ears to prevent water from entering. When bathing, use a special bath solution. The water temperature is 40 degrees. Just wash it. When drying, use a cool air blower. It should be 20cm away from it. If the dog doesn’t want to wash it.

    Long haired dogs need to comb their hair on a regular basis. They can also be trimmed according to their owners’ preferences. Short haired dogs also need to comb their hair in daily life, which can help blood circulation.

    When cutting a dog’s fingernails, it is necessary to hold its claws lightly, and cut off the nail head without cutting too short. Because there is a blood vessel at the root of the nail, if it is cut too short, it will cut the blood vessel. When cleaning the ears, remove the inner surface hair with scissors or by hand. When you see wet earwax inside, wipe it out with a cotton swab. Dogs with drooped ears need to clean more than twice a week.

    The hair on the buttocks should be cut short, which is good for its daily convenience. When brushing a dog’s teeth, you should use a special toothpaste for the dog, choose a toothbrush suitable for the size of their mouth, and brush their teeth step by step. Brushing your teeth often can prevent your dog from getting dental disease.

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