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    It’s generally nothing to help a dog cut his nails, but it’s hard to hold a dog with a big temper and a fierce personality. Some owners often ask, “my dog often walks around and refuses to sit quietly. How can I trim it?” To solve this problem, the owner must teach him from childhood. Otherwise, it will take a long time to teach when it grows up. Tools for grooming and shaving dogs include a piece of cloth, scissors, combs, ear hair powder, hemostatic forceps, razors, nail clippers, hemostatic powder, etc.

    1. In order to prevent the dog from slipping from the air to the ground, a piece of cloth should be laid on the table before the beauty treatment.

    2. Before shearing, first comb the whole body with a dense tooth comb. In this way, it’s much easier to cut it without knots.

    3. Don’t forget to comb the hair on both sides of the cheek.

    4. If you want to cut the hair on the bottom of the foot board, you need to hold its foot gently with your hand, and then cut off the longer hair with scissors. When shearing, don’t use too much force to avoid hurting the dog’s limbs.

    5. If your dog’s nails are too long, they will not only scratch the furniture, but even damage the owner. Therefore, they should be pruned regularly. The method is to hold the dog’s foot with the left hand and cut off the long nails with the clamp in the right hand.

    6. Too long buttock hair will also affect pet excretion. It must be trimmed frequently. Once it’s found that it’s long, it’s necessary to use scissors to cut off the long hair vertically, about half an inch from the surrounding hair. The razor shaves off the hair around the anus to avoid the dog’s stool occupying the hair.

    7. You can tear off the extra ear hair for your dog at ordinary times, but you need to sprinkle ear powder on your dog’s ear first to reduce the pain of your dog, and it is also convenient for the owner to grasp the hair in your ear.

    8. Raise the dog’s ears with the left hand, and use the hemostatic forceps to pull out the hair in the ear canal in the opposite direction.

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