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    Scientific pet dog breeding is advocated, according to the actual age of dog growth, and different needs of different age stages to develop reasonable feeding methods. The parents who have raised beagles are very clear. When beagles are young, adult and old, their physical condition is different, and their requirements for living environment and diet are different.

    Beagles are in their infancy, which is a critical period for their growth. The growth of beagles requires a large number of nutrients to supply. Meanwhile, the functions of stomach and intestines of young dogs are relatively weak. Therefore, special attention should be paid when feeding. We should follow the principle of eating less and eating more. At the same time, we should prepare some nutritious and balanced food that is easy to absorb and digest. Such as professional puppy food and so on. Don’t give beagle puppies other stimulating, cold and frozen foods. In beagle puppies, the critical period of bone development and growth. In addition to the normal feeding, we should take the dog for physical examination regularly, supplement it with calcium and other nutrients reasonably, so as to ensure the healthy development and growth of the dog’s bones, and avoid bone diseases such as X-shaped and O-shaped legs. When the Beagle is grown up, its body becomes strong, and of course its functions become tenacious.

    At this time, parents do not need to give special care to dogs. According to the feeding method of adult dogs, they can feed regularly and quantitatively every day. Unless necessary, other calcium supplements can be exempted. Just make sure the dog has enough exercise and healthy diet every day. Beagles begin to grow old at the age of 7. As they get older, their body nutrients will slowly drain away and the whole state will begin to age. At this stage, we should prepare some professional dog food which is easy to digest and rich in nutrition. In our life, we should guide beagles to take part in sports reasonably, so as to exercise their bodies, improve their resistance and slow down their aging process.

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