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    The coat of the Maltese dog is long and needs to be taken care of regularly. If it is not combed and trimmed for a long time, it is very easy to knot the coat, or because the coat is too long, it is easy to contaminate the dust on the ground. So how can we keep our dogs clean and beautiful?

    Maltese dogs:
    Cosmetology tools: the number of tools used is straight row comb, nail comb X1 knot opener X1 scissors X1 wrapping paper, several leather bands push and cut X1
    Operation steps:
    1. First, comb the dog’s coat. If the coat is knotted, open the knot with knot opener, then remove the stray hairs with nail comb, and finally use straight row comb to finish the coat. If the coat is too dry to generate static electricity, spray some water properly to help eliminate static electricity.
    2. Trim can be started after the coat is dredged. For the coat of the lower edge of the eye, trim half of it, and comb the hair on the bridge of the nose from the middle line to both sides, and arrange it well.
    3. The hair on the back should also be combed along the middle line of the back. The tail coat can also be separated left and right. Lift up the tail. Pay attention to clean the coat around the anus and trim it properly.
    4. The four sides of the foot can be cut into a circle along the tip with the recommended trimming, and the sole hair should also be cleaned. The hair of toe tip should also be cleaned carefully. 5. After the other parts are combed, the hair on the head shall be combed, and then the hair on the head shall be wrapped with wrapping paper, which is to prevent the dog’s eyes from being affected by too long hair and make it uncomfortable. Other parts can also be properly covered.

    1. In order to prevent the coat from knotting, it is necessary to comb the coat regularly.
    2. For the sake of dog’s health, proper cleaning should be done for the foot hair, ear hair and the hair around the anus. The reason why the dog stinks may be that these parts are not cleaned.
    3. It’s better not to leave too long the fur of the Maltese dog. Although some long haired Maltese dogs look very noble, if they don’t take care of them carefully, they will become a burden to the dog and have a great impact on the dog’s actions. It’s easy to get dirty and messy, so you have to comb your dog’s hair often!

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