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    Schnauzer is a kind of dog full of vitality and intelligence. Usually, it presents a little old man’s shape in front of us, but it is precisely because this shape is welcomed by many people. In order to make them look more exquisite and beautiful, many dog owners will send them to a professional beauty shop for some pruning, so what needs to be done for the beauty care of Schnauzer.

    1. Comb the whole body hair and remove the tangle.

    2. Check and clean the ears, eyes and teeth of the Schnauzer. If necessary, remove too much ear hair and trim the toenails.

    3. Trim the tufts of hair between the foot pads and around the toes.

    4. Bathe the Schnauzer with natural bath shampoo, dry and blow dry the Schnauzer with a hair dryer.

    5. Body trimming: starting from the bottom of the head of the Schnauzer Dog, trim along the spine to the tail. Trim along the direction of the growth of the Schnauzer hair. Trim the whole body to the joints of the front leg and the rear leg, but leave some edges in the front of the rear leg, extending about 2.5cm from the knee joint.

    6. Pruning of the head of the Schnauzer: from the top of the head to the bottom of the forehead, repair the whole forehead, from the corner of the eye to the ear root, from the corner of the mouth to both sides of the throat.

    7. Ear trimming of Schnauzer: when using the push, fix the ears of Schnauzer with hands. Use hand scissors to repair the small fluff around the ears, hold the auricle of the Schnauzer Dog gently with your fingers, and use scissors to gently remove all fluff around the ears.

    8. Eyebrow trimming: First of all, trim the hair between the eyes of the Schnauzer to form a separation. The cleaner and tighter the trimming, the more prominent the boundary. Secondly, comb the eyebrows forward with a comb, form a parallel line with the nose as the center, and cut forward with a scissors. Then, use the comb to comb forward. Starting from the outer corner of the eye, the scissors aim at the center of the nose and cross cut with the first trim to form an inverted “V” shape. The eyebrows should be fused with the surrounding short hairs.

    9. Pruning of Schnauzer’s beard: Comb the beard forward, and use scissors to cut the beard into a rectangle close to the cheek in a straight line. Do not touch the hair under the eyes of schnauzer, and trim the uneven and disordered beard.

    10. Front leg trimming of the Schnauzer: Comb the hair with a comb, stretch it out of the leg, and then cut it with scissors. To produce a cylindrical effect, it can be trimmed into a circle. From the joint to the foot bottom, trim in a straight line. Make sure that there is no free hair protruding from the joint or other parts. The foot hair should be trimmed into a circle without showing a tip.

    11. Tailoring of hind legs of Schnauzer: when tailoring hind legs, the hair on the knee should be integrated with the hair on the tarsal joint to form the contour of the leg. From the knee joint down to the tarsal joint, use scissors to repair it into a semicircle. Through the above beauty care for schnauzer, I believe that the one presented in front of you must be a more lovely and spiritual schnauzer, and their love should be better than before.

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