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    The Maltese dog is also known as the devil. A standard breed of Maltese with a long, silky coat and a long, short body. The whole body is pure white and full of long hair, but its eyes and nose are black, active and courageous. The neck is about 1 / 2 of the height, giving a strong feeling. The curly tail is raised on the back, with luxuriant and long radiated hair, giving a very elegant feeling. Therefore, when you give it beauty, you should pay attention to the modification of the head.
    The hair on the lower edge of the eyes can be cut off by half. The hair on the bridge of the nose is combed from the middle line to both sides. The thick beard and long hair around the lip are cut off by the root. The length of the beard on both sides is about 1 / 3 of the length of the head.
    The hairs on the back hang down to both sides along the middle line of the back. Comb and scissors shall be used to trim 1 cm around the tail root. The tail hair shall be separated left and right. A small amount of oil can be applied to the tail root.
    All around the feet should be cut into a circle with scissors along the toes, and the hair growing from the toes should be carefully cut off.
    For dogs with more body hair, the outer body hair can be lifted by hand, and the inner hair can be combed with a comb. For dogs with less hair, the inner hair can be naturally drooped and then combed upward with a comb. When combing laymen, they can be combed three or four times from top to bottom, never to the bottom. When trimming the hem, let the dog stand on the trimming table, press the long hair with the comb in his left hand, fix one side of the comb on the trimming table, and then trim it, so as to trim it into a beautiful hem.

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