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    When a stray dog is selected as a family member, it is also a good choice to adopt a stray dog. It is not unreasonable to adopt a stray dog instead of buying it. Adopting a stray dog is not only a manifestation of love, but also a responsibility for the society. Following will tell you what to pay attention to if you want to adopt a stray dog and the benefits of adopting a stray dog.

    1. The dog will be more grateful to you. Because most stray dogs are adult dogs, very sensible, and they are adopted after wandering. To the dog owner, they will be more grateful, intimate, obedient and cherish your kindness to him

    2. Dogs are not easy to get sick. Because many stray dogs are adult dogs, with good physical resistance, they are not as easy to get sick and difficult to care for as young dogs. If you are a person who has no experience of keeping dogs, it is more suitable to adopt stray dogs.

    3. Pay attention to and take good care of. Some stray dogs will not attack people and dogs, but they have serious psychological problems, are too timid, evade people’s touch, and do not play with the same kind of dogs. These stray dogs are fragile in mind and need to be cared for.

    4. Eliminate restlessness. Dogs are easily afraid and lonely when they are in a new environment. At this time, dogs are easy to bark, after all, this is the nature of dogs. At this time, you must not be impatient or scold it, reduce its fear.

    5. Some people adopt stray dogs on a whim, but their financial ability is insufficient, or their families don’t agree to adopt them, which leads to many problems after adoption. Dogs are life. Once they are adopted, they must be responsible for them, and students usually have a hard time keeping up.

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