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    The popularity of pet dogs is not due to people’s blindly following the trend, but it does bring us many benefits. Although dogs can’t speak, sometimes they can understand us very well, and they can be said to be the most loyal audience. So there are many advantages of keeping dogs. So many people have reasons to keep dogs.

    1. Keeping dogs is good for your health. Studies have found that people with dogs have lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels than people without pets.

    2. Keeping a dog can make life fuller. If you feel that you lack warmth and love, you will have it all if you have a dog.

    3. Keeping dogs can cultivate children’s love, make children happier and reduce mental pressure. Children with dogs are more willing to work out with dogs. They exercise physically and have stronger heart function. For children with psychological trauma, dogs will become their good friends, together with dogs can help them out of the psychological shadow.

    4. Dogs can be your target. When you need to cry, your dog is the best one to tell.

    5. Keeping a dog can expand your social circle. Dogs can strengthen the social interaction between people, increase the chances of people’s contact, and make the interaction happy and harmonious.

    6. Dogs can help you exercise effectively. The survey found that people who walk their dogs every day tend to exercise more than people who go to the gym. The benefits of owning a dog are far more than we think. Psychologically, dogs are our most loyal partners and good listeners. Physically speaking, we can exercise well while walking the dog.

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