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    Bloodhound originated from Belgium. Also known as St. huberthound, it is one of the oldest breed, purest pedigree and largest olfactory hounds in the world. It is known as the modern representative of the oldest breed of sniffer hound and indicator hound. Of course, the selection and breeding of several centuries have changed its appearance with the breed praised by ancient people. However, its characteristics are so different that canine scientists have explored it throughout the dog history.
    The monks of St. Hubert once raised this variety in Aldin. It is speculated that in the 7th century, the monk Saint Hubert hunted in groups of black or dark brown hounds. After that, St. Hubert became a Catholic and was canonized as a protector of hunters. Because of the large prey hiding in large forest areas, these large sniffer dogs are all over the whole area of Aden. These St. Hubert hounds are known for their energy and endurance, especially when hunting wild boars.
    St. Hughes was loved by the French royal family. In 1066, he was brought to England by King William. After several centuries, the British improved breed, which produced today’s bloodhound. The Belgian rulers introduced this breed from England in the 11th century, and the breed introduced in England provided the basic source of lineage. The descendants of these bloodhounds use the name, which means they are purebred. After that, this variety also developed in the United States. Especially in North America, this breed is used to track down runaway slaves.
    The nose of Bloodhound can be described as “unparalleled in the world”. It has an indomitable and magical olfactory tracking ability. No matter what means is used to confuse the smell, it can accurately find the tracking object. It has been proven that even odors over 14 days can be traced. And set a record of 220 kilometers of continuous odor tracking. The evidence it found was presented in court.
    Some of the largest bloodhounds in the United States have helped police convict more than the best human detectives. One Bloodhound was awarded for more than 600 valid convictions. Nick Carter, a famous dog, also found traces 105 hours later and tracked them down to become evidence of conviction. But purebred bloodhounds are the gentlest of all breeds. Unlike a police dog trained by the police, its tracking is its own way of life, so it never attacks the people it tracks. Once it has the result of tracking, its mission is over. Although not aggressive, they have proven their ability as working dogs.

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