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    Nowadays, dog owners treat their dogs as family members, and they also care about their diet. In addition to dog food, you may also need to buy snacks and other items for feeding. As time goes on, dogs will suffer from over nutrition. Don’t underestimate the over nutrition. It’s the same as human beings. It will make dogs fat and cause various diseases.
    1. If dogs eat too much fat and protein, they are prone to kidney problems. If there are too many proteins and minerals in the dog’s food, such as phosphorus and sodium, it is easy to increase the risk index of the dog’s kidney organ, or make the kidney condition worse. If the dog has kidney disease, we should strictly control the protein intake, which is the best way to prevent and control uremia.
    For small dogs, especially Chihuahua, VIP, dachshund, Jingba, etc., do not over nourish pregnant bitch, which may cause dystocia. Don’t feed foods with high sugar, fat and protein. Eat more meat and vegetables. Never make them fat. During pregnancy, calcium tablets, vitamins A, D and E may be added to the food. The most suitable age for pregnancy is 2 or 3 years old.
    3. Protein supplement should not be excessive for some young and normal dogs. Excessive protein may not cause great damage, but it will increase the burden on the liver of sick dogs or dogs with weak body. For an old dog, it will destroy its circulatory system. Dogs with damaged liver and kidney, if fed with high protein, will deposit excess nitrogen in body fluids and tissues. Therefore, it is generally better for the elderly or sick dogs to feed dry dog food with 16% protein, which can help dogs reduce the burden of protein decomposition. And the excessive fat will be digested and absorbed by the dog, making the dog fat, and the consequences can not be ignored. Recommended food to add nutrition for dogs if your dog is eating brand dog food, it is not necessary to add nutrients in general, because the dog food manufacturer has carried out a detailed analysis of the ratio of nutrients in the dog food to ensure that the dog will not be over nutrition or lack of nutrition.
    If you like to make dog food for your dog, or your dog has a lot of exercise, it’s not bad to add some nutrients properly to ensure a balanced nutrition.
    1. Boiled egg: it is rich in protein, vitamin A and D. We recommend that dogs be given eggs twice a week. This will strengthen the dog’s bone structure and improve vision.
    2. Grains, nuts, liver and green vegetables: these foods are rich in nutrients that have a good effect on the dog’s muscles and fur.
    3. Added grain husk, vegetable oil and malt: these foods can effectively supplement vitamin E.

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