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    Dunker dog dunker dog is also known as the Norwegian hound, the origin of Norway. It’s a confident, intelligent watchdog and a valuable olfactory hound.

    1. Appearance. Medium physique. When standing, it looks rectangular on the side. Very durable, strong architecture, but not bulky. Head neat, elegant, moderate length. Kiss minister, straight, broad, well developed. The skull is slightly arched and the occipital bone is prominent. The nose is black and well opened. Scissor bite. The cheeks are clean and the cheek bones are not visible. Eyes are quite big, but not prominent, black, oval, bright, eyes are quiet and sincere. The ear root is low and middle. The tip is round and flat without folding. The neck is moderately long. The back is straight and firm. The waist is broad, muscular and arched. The chest is deep and wide. Lift the abdomen slightly. The tail root is thick, tapering toward the tail end, and the tail is straight, slightly upward curved. The forelegs are strong, tidy and straight; the hind limbs are broad and strong. The foot is slightly arched, the toes are close, and there is hair between the toes; the foot pad is solid. The fur is straight, hard and dense. The color is mainly black or blue marble with light yellow and white stripes.

    2. Body type: Height: 47-57cm, weight: 16-22kg.

    3. Disposition intelligent, self-confident, amiable to the host and friends, very friendly.

    It is a fierce hound with smooth hair and light build, but it has a quiet and elegant appearance, and it is a dog with only connotation.

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