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    Mini Doberman looks like a deer, so it’s called a fawn because its two big ears look like antlers, and its face shape is very similar to that of a deer. The mini Doberman (detailed introduction) has a strong sense of vigilance, intelligence and loyalty. Despite its small size, it has a lot of courage. Because of its small size, it does not need a special large venue for activities.

    Generally, the family room is enough to meet its sports needs. Mini Doberman originated in Germany, has appeared in many modern famous paintings, and now it is popular in Europe and America. Because of its smaller size, it has always been the favorite pet dog for ladies. Even Mary Donnie, the queen of France who was sent to the guillotine after the French Revolution, still hugged the sad mini product before she died, but it’s a pity that people are still not sure about the formation of this blood. In the first World War, the local minidogs in Germany disappeared. Fortunately, after the armistice, a large number of dogs imported into Germany by various countries peaked the number of German minidogs. This dog is improved from a medium breed to a small breed.

    This breed was officially recognized by the German Kennel Association in 1895 and was originally known as the lipingchi. The mini dog club was established in 1929 in the United States, and the mini dog was paid attention to. The inborn intelligent Doberman is still favored by many people. Maybe the mini Doberman is like a miniature Doberman, but it has no genetic relationship.

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