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    Mini Schnauzer, also known as small Schnapper Terrier, originated in Bavaria, Germany. AKC is classified as Terrier group. This breed of dog was bred by crossing Standard Schnauzer with mini breed dog, Pomeranian dog and Scottish Terrier, which were popular in Europe in the 17th century. It was recognized in 1899. It is mainly used for rat hunting, because of its cheerful character, approachability and convenient care. At present, it is mostly used as a family dog.

    English name: Mini Schnauzer Terrier
    Weight: (male) 6-8kg; (female) 6-8kg
    Type: Small dog
    Classification: Terrier, companion dog and rat dog
    Alias: Mini Schnauzer
    Origin: Germany
    Shoulder height: (male) 30-35cm (female) 30-35cm
    Main purpose: Rat catching

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