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    Dogs need a lot of microelements, of which calcium is more important. Lack of calcium will lead to poor appetite, mental malaise, affect the health of teeth, serious calcium deficiency will also make the dog bone deformity. But not all dogs need calcium supplement. Parents should not blindly supplement calcium for dogs. Following will introduces how to supplement calcium for dogs?

    1. If the parents’ dogs have O-shaped legs, or walk unsteadily, then it is observed that the dogs have no strength at all in their hind legs, or the dogs often sit on their stomach, unwilling to move. At this time, parents should consider calcium supplement for dogs. If there is no such situation, then there is no need for calcium supplement. The harm of dog’s excessive calcium supplement.

    2. If the dog does not lack calcium, and the dog does not stop calcium supplement, the harm to its growth and development can not be reversed. For example, premature calcification of dog’s cartilage, or premature closure of dog’s front halogen door, which is particularly easy to cause small head deformity of dog, also restricts the development of dog’s brain.

    3. Another kind of excessive calcium supplement will lead to premature calcification of the dog’s bones, which will seriously affect the long bone development of the dog. The most obvious is that the height is limited.

    Calcium supplement method
    1. In different growth stages of dogs, choose different calcium supplement products. In the puppies’ period, we must choose the dog food that is rich in nutrition and easy to be absorbed. In the adult dog, the dog’s gastrointestinal system has developed completely, which can provide it with some more nutritious adult dog food. In the old age, we need to replace the old dog food.
    2. For puppies, the best calcium supplement method can be high calcium tablets. Don’t use milk or bone soup for the dog, because the stomach and intestines of the dog are not fully developed and will feel uncomfortable. However, high calcium tablet is more scientific and healthy. Parents can also feed some probiotics to the dog first, regulate the intestines and stomach, and then add some calcium tablets, which is more easily absorbed.
    3. In addition to using calcium tablets to supplement dogs with calcium, you can also use some ways to supplement dogs with calcium. For example, in daily life, give dogs more bean products, or shrimp skin or fish. Because these ingredients are rich in calcium. Another way is to take more dogs to the sun and exercise, which is also conducive to the absorption and utilization of calcium.

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