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    Alaska’s stomach and intestines are not good. It’s almost an open secret known by the whole pet industry. Many parents look for various ways to regulate their stomach, some for food therapy, some for probiotics. But because probiotics are more convenient, most parents still choose to use probiotics to help Alaska regulate the intestines and stomach. Can probiotics be eaten every day? Can Alaska with bad stomach eat probiotics every day?

    Probiotics is actually a kind of living microorganism which is beneficial to intestinal health. There are three kinds of bacteria in the gut of normal dogs: beneficial bacteria (probiotics), harmful bacteria and conditional pathogens (conditional pathogens are generally harmless, but if dogs suffer from serious malnutrition or imbalance of bacteria, these bacteria will be transformed into harmful bacteria and cause harm). These bacteria exist in a certain proportion in the intestines of healthy dogs and maintain a dynamic balance. That is to say, the beneficial bacteria have the absolute advantage, and the harmful bacteria are in the state of being suppressed, so that the dog’s gut can be well protected.

    However, when dogs suffer from diarrhea, soft stool, constipation, dyspepsia and other symptoms due to intestinal flora disorder, they can eat some probiotics to help increase the number of probiotics, so as to quickly maintain the intestinal flora balance. Probiotics is a good thing, but if it is used excessively, it will lead to dog’s laxity and other adverse reactions.

    ry day, but you can’t eat many bags a day because of Alaskan Larch or other reasons. Recommended use: directly or mixed in food, or take it in warm water below 40 degC. Because the probiotics mentioned above are active organisms, and will be scalded to death when the temperature is higher than 40 degC, which will not play a role.

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