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    It is a well-known thing that dogs like to chew bones, and Bichon eat bones is no exception. When many owners eat, bixiong looks very pitiful at the same time. At this time, the owner will not only bring vegetables and meat for Bichon to eat, but even the bones that he can’t chew will also be chewed by bixiong. Can all the bones be eaten by Bichon? Here is a detailed introduction about the advantages and disadvantages of Bichon eat bones.

    The benefits of Bichon eat Bones:
    1. Calcium supplement: This is a common saying. Although the amount of calcium that dogs really supplement themselves by gnawing bones is very small, it also has some calcium supplement effect. In fact, the calcium in the bone is difficult to be digested by the dog’s gastrointestinal tract and then directly absorbed. Most of it is excreted from the body following the excrement.

    2. Tooth cleaning: this benefit is certain. Because when the dog chews the bone, it rubs the tooth surface, which has a good cleaning effect on its teeth. You don’t see the countryside or places where dogs are not so precious as we keep them. Their teeth are often bright and white, because they often have the chance to chew big bones and eat hard food.

    3. Promote the formation of stool: after the dog eats the bone, the stool will be worse than usual. If your dog usually likes loose stool, try gnawing bones for it. On the contrary, if the dog is constipated, do not feed the bones.

    The disadvantages of eating bones: To say that the disadvantages of eating bones are mainly due to the fact that bones are easy to pierce the dog’s mouth and stomach (the bones themselves are no problem). Eating bones is easy to cause the following harm to dogs: Massive bone causes esophageal infarction, eating too much bone causes gastritis and gastroenteritis. Sharp bone debris causes gastric perforation and so on.

    Which bones can not be given to dogs:
    1. Do not feed long bones of birds: long bones refer to the relatively long bones in legs and wings. In order to reduce the weight of the flight, the bones are hollow, so when the bones are crushed, they are easy to have sharp slopes, which can easily hurt the dog’s mouth and esophagus, even if swallowed, it is easy to stab the stomach, so do not feed such bones.

    2. Don’t feed the bones in the neck of poultry: some friends think that this kind of bone is very safe and won’t hurt, but in fact, this kind of bone is very easy to form the dog’s esophageal infarction. Especially for some dogs who are impatient, if they don’t chew well, they will swallow it. If they are really stuck in the esophagus, they will be in trouble. They have to go to the hospital. It’s better to be careful.

    3. Don’t feed pig bones or cattle and sheep bones with joints: it’s better not to bite the big bones with joints for dogs, because we know the enthusiasm of dogs to chew bones. There is ligament connection at the joints. When dogs chew, their teeth are easy to be embedded in the bone seam, causing tooth fracture.

    4. Which bones can be eaten: Cooked or raw pig, cow or sheep’s big stick bones can be fed to dogs. Some people say that the raw bone is more beneficial to the dog’s digestion and tooth maintenance, so it is recommended to give the dog raw meat. But if you give your dog raw meat or bone, it’s easier to get infected with parasites. After all, the current dog system has degenerated a lot after long-term human breeding. So it’s better to cook the bone for the dog and then feed it.

    In addition, when a Bichon eat bones, the owner of the dog should pay attention to it from time to time: for example, whether it has pricked the gums, whether it is trying to swallow the small bone from the big bone, whether it has chewed the bone marrow in order to eat it so hard that it contains the long bone in its mouth. In a word, it should be observed from time to time and should not be taken lightly.

    Note: When the owner is eating, it is better not to throw bones on the ground casually. Your unintentional actions may cause the dog’s life safety.

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