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    Dog owners know that dogs can’t drink milk. Lactose in milk can easily cause diarrhea. Can dogs drink yogurt?

    1. Dogs can drink yogurt. If parents have to give their dogs yogurt, it is best to choose those lactobacillus milk. In this way, it can be good for the dog’s gastrointestinal system and digestive system. Because the absorption rate of yogurt is much higher than that of milk.
    2. Compared with milk, yoghurt has not only less calcium, but also more Lactobacillus than milk. And lactate essence can effectively absorb calcium in milk, at the same time, it can also increase the number of good bacteria in dogs’ intestines. So it’s very good for dogs to drink yogurt properly.
    3. In addition, for those dogs who often eat dog food in the summer, their appetite will decrease. Parents can add appropriate yoghurt to dog food, which can not only restore the dog’s appetite to normal, but also supplement it with other nutrients and help digestion.
    4. Yogurt also contains a lot of vitamin B, parents must know that vitamin B can effectively improve the dog’s resistance.
    5. In addition, the tyrosine in yoghurt is also very helpful to relieve, highly nervous or anxious dogs. If it is in the afternoon, give the dog a proper drink of yogurt, can effectively relax the dog’s mood, but also can improve the spirit of the dog. If the dog is in the process of training, parents may add some yogurt to it to improve its spirit and training efficiency.

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