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    In general, the diseases that dogs are easy to get are gastroenteropathy and skin diseases. For example, symptoms of gastroenteritis may include vomiting, laxity, constipation, halitosis, etc. in this case, dogs must first judge whether the symptoms are caused by gastroenteritis, and then treat them. Can dogs eat probiotics for gastroenteritis?

    There are various causes of adverse reactions such as diarrhea and vomiting in dogs. The first thing to be ruled out is whether the dogs suffer from smallness and canine distemper. Because these two kinds of diseases will lead to dogs’ serious condition, which can not be improved by the owner. If the treatment is not timely, it may delay the condition, even threaten the dog’s life safety. Parvovirus is the first major disease in puppies, and its cure rate is very small, second only to dog fever. It is said that puppies carry the virus, not without contact with other dogs. If the dog at home has a depressed spirit, dry nose, vomit yellow green or with blood, and then there is tomato sauce or sorghum rice soup feces, with a particularly unpleasant smell. At this time, the owner had better take the dog to see a doctor in time.

    The probiotics can be fed without small and canine distemper, but do not want to replace the probiotics by feeding yoghurt. The probiotics must reach a sufficient number of viable bacteria to play a sufficient health care role, and the number of probiotics in yoghurt is not enough at all. Moreover, do not give dogs to eat human probiotics. Human probiotics are configured according to human intestinal needs, which are not suitable for dogs to eat, and the dosage is not easy to grasp. It is possible for dogs to suffer from intestinal diseases.

    Dogs’ gastroenteritis needs long-term treatment from parents, just like people’s gastrointestinal conditioning, which is not good in a day or two. Therefore, parents should keep on improving their dogs’ health.

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