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    Can dog skin disease infect a person? Skin disease is a common disease among dogs. Although skin disease is not a serious disease, its annoying part lies in the long treatment time and high recurrence rate, which makes dogs very painful, so it is also a “minor disease” that makes people headache. Dogs in their daily lives are most exposed to their own owners, so many owners will worry about dog skin disease will be transmitted to people? Can dog skin disease infect people?

    The main reason for dog skin disease is that the hair is not dried. It may also be malnutrition, weak resistance or body surface abrasion. Contact with sick dogs and contaminated equipment.

    Some dogs with long hair may infect bacteria or fungi in the early stage of skin infection, which is usually not easy to find. The owner should pay attention to the behavior of dogs, If fever, biting the skin, using behavior, such as scratching, the hind legs should be separated from the coat and carefully checked whether the dog has red spots or small lumps. Once found, it should be treated in time to prevent spread.

    The skin diseases caused by scabies mite, itchy mite, Demodex, flea, lice, etc. are collectively called parasitic skin diseases. Scabies mites are mainly parasitized outside the mouth, ear root and toe, with thin and thin skin. The main manifestations are depilation, redness, scab and pus. Urticaria mites mainly parasitize in the ear canal and cause inflammation of the ear canal. If the owner finds a strong smell in the dog’s ears, and there is a large amount of brown secretion in the ear canal, he should be alert if the dog is infected with itch mites. Mites are mainly parasitic on hair follicles and sebaceous glands. At the initial stage, they are slightly itchy, red skin, and erythema and squamous scales appear in severe time.

    The probability of infecting people with common fungi, mosses, mites, etc. is very high. For a long time, dogs in dog moss cause fungal infection in the process of contact with their owners. On the infected people, they will show oval skin molting, red, itchy and easy to fester.

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