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    In summer, the dog is also hot. Give the dog some cold water or eat some cold food. The dog also likes it, but can the dog eat cold food in summer? It’s OK for dogs to eat some cold food properly, but they can’t eat too much. Even the food taken from the refrigerator should be put down at room temperature for dogs to eat. When some parents are eating ice cream, the dog looks pitifully at it, and will inevitably give the dog some.

    Don’t give ice cream to dogs, because ice cream contains many chemicals. Some ice creams are chocolate flavored, not to mention should be given to dogs. Someone asked if the yogurt in the fridge could be given to dogs in summer? Yogurt can be given to dogs, which helps them digest. Take it out of the fridge and put it in it too. You can’t give it directly to them. If the dog drinks milk, it needs a gradual process. He drinks a lot at a time, and then he will pull it out in the toilet. So drink milk to the dog slowly. In summer, people like to eat watermelon to quench their thirst. It is not only sweet but also cool.

    It is the best food to quench their thirst in summer. Watermelon itself has seeds. When dogs eat watermelon, they will eat the seeds together with those watermelon seeds. These seeds are not easy to digest, or even can not be easily excluded, which will have a bad impact on dogs. At the same time, watermelon is a kind of fruit with sugar. Eating too much will lead to diarrhea. Of course, the intake of more sugar, will also cause dog obesity. If it’s for dogs, it’s better to get rid of the seeds in watermelons. Don’t give them too much.

    Some people also ask, can you give the dog mung bean porridge in summer? Mung bean porridge for people can really play a role in reducing summer heat, but mung bean for dogs is not easy to digest, it is better to eat less. If you want to give it to dogs, you can give them the soup of mung bean porridge instead of mung bean. Don’t put sugar in mung bean porridge. If you eat too much sugar, it will make your dog fat and even cause diabetes. In summer, excessive cold drink is not good for the dog’s health. It’s OK to let the dog lick properly. To have a degree of control, the health of the pet is important, so don’t be confused by the dog’s poor and charming eyes and greedy look.

    Friendly reminder: After eating too much cold drink, dogs and cats will suffer from inflammation or ulcer due to the damage of gastrointestinal mucous wax. When dogs and cats eat cold drinks, they will feel abdominal discomfort, loss of appetite, even vomiting, diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration and acidosis. If your dog or cat has a cold drink overdose, fast for a day, and then feed them liquid food or prescription cans. Some electrolytes should be properly replenished when dogs and cats are vomiting violently and dehydrated obviously. If they have severe abdominal pain, they should go to the doctor for an injection of sedative and pain reliever.

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