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    In the process of keeping pets, many owners like to prepare some food for their pets by themselves. Of course, as long as it is reasonable, it is the best. Not only can you enjoy it, but also the body of the dog can be protected. It is a good thing to have the best of both worlds. But it’s not so good to take it for granted when you don’t know if these things can be eaten by your pet. Can dogs eat chocolate onions? The answer is No. And Can dogs eat corn?

    This needs to be based on some suggestions from experts or the experience of the owners who have already done their own work. According to the experience shared by many breeders, dogs can eat corn. But it should be noted that because they are not good at chewing when eating corn, some owners find that the next day the dog’s stool contains undigested corn. So in the process of feeding, it’s better to mash the corn or the owner chews it before feeding it to the pet to help them digest.

    There are lots of problems in the process of raising dogs, the dog owner should find the right way to solve them.

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